Don Peebles
Speaking with Neil Cavuto of Fox Business News on January 31, billionaire real estate developer Don Peebles said that Donald Trump is poised to win the presidency. Peebles, who started out as a real estate appraiser and has since become a major player in hotel development, has long been associated with the Democratic party. In addition, he was a major contributor and fundraiser for President Obama’s re-election campaign. He has also been associated with the Congressional Black Caucus.

Peebles paid tribute to fellow real estate magnate Trump. He said, “On the Republican side for president, governors, Donald Trump, so you got people who know how to manage things. New York City is an example of what you can get with incompetent management.”

Cavuto responded, saying “Ted Cruz said he (Donald Trump) can win the whole thing if he wins in Iowa. What do you think of that? Can he go on to win it all?” To this, Peebles answered, “Oh, I think Donald Trump is poised to win it all.”

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